Terms of Service (HonHon-handmade with love)

§1 Validity
(1) the following TOS are relevant for all orders placed between me and the customers and are valid in the form present at the time the order has been placed.

§2 Realization of contract
(1) the following arrangements apply to every order placed via my Internet shop http://www.honhonshop.de/.
(2) In case of an order the contract is made with
HonHon - handmade with love
Sharon Buch
Adlerstraße 70
D-40211 Duesseldorf
(3) the presentation of goods in our webshop are only a noncommittal offer to order goods to the user. If an order is placed though, the customer obliges to finish the order (mandatory sales agreement).
(4) By placing an order, you will receive or TOS via email. The TOS can be recalled permanently via accessing the following address http://honhonshop.de/en/content/3-terms-and-conditions-of-use
Due to security measurements, your order data won't be accessible online after the order has been placed.
§3 Prices, shipping costs, payment
(1) the listed prices do neither include VAT (due to small business regulation there will be no VAT charged) nor shipping costs.
(2) Please keep in mind that there might be additional tax fees due to your countries import regulations.
(3) International consumers will be able to pay via PayPal only.
§4 delivery
(1) the products won't be available for shipping directly. The estimated time for preparation is stated in the product description. Please keep in mind that I cannot estimate the shipping time because it might differ according to your countries import regulations.
(2) I am not responsible for any damages made by the delivery services. All orders are insured though.
§6 Reservation of ownership
As long as the goods are not fully paid for, they still remain in our possession.